Essential Oils For Sleep

Precious Sleep

Do you sometimes wake in the night and then can't get back to sleep or can't nod off in the first place?

Essential oils can really make a difference if you have trouble sleeping.  To help you get off to sleep at night make sure you take the time to wind down.  Turn off your phone and all screens and go ahead and set your diffuser going in your bedroom with some soothing oils, like Balance, Lavender, Lavender Peace, Roman Chamomile or Vetiver or experiment and make up a mix of your own of soothing oils that YOU love the smell of.  Then take yourself off and have a bath or shower also adding a drop or two of oils in your bath or shower try some Easy Air to clear your airways or again an oil you love.  

Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash

Family Time

 After your bath or shower take some Fractionated Coconut oil and add a couple of drops of one of the soothing oils and give yourself a massage, I find massaging my feet before bed really helps, also get your partner involved so you are both sleeping better and taking that time together before bed and sleep to connect, by this time your room will be smelling beautiful so you can both enjoy the benefits of the diffuser as you nod off to sleep and the diffuser will switch itself off.  The more you take the time to do this wee routine each night the better and better you will sleep,  also helps to make yourself a roller bottle of Balance or Lavender Peace and apply that during the day when you need a calm moment you just can't go wrong, the oils seem to have a cumulative affect....

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Little Ones

You can also try this routine with the kids, just use a small amount of essential oil mixed with a lot of carrier oil with children.  If you start this when they are babies they get used to the routine and the smells and relate the smells to bedtime (well hopefully hehehe).  My daughter remembers the smell of the baby oil I used to rub all over her before bedtime, there's a shower gel now she loves that smells the same!    Unfortunately I hadn't discovered therapeutic oils back then aarrghh she might of slept even longer!  Another fab tip for unsettled babies is to rub a couple of drops of Roman Chamomile in your own hands then rub them through your babies hair this can really help calm and help them get off to sleep 💤 

Also check out this great article from Sleep Help 👉🏼 https://www.sleephelp.org/essential-oils-for-sleep/ it’s a good read too 😁

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