What can I spray on my garden to kill bugs?

Which essential oils kill insects?

My poor Clary Sage plant 🌱 has been eaten alive by white fly caterpillars πŸ›πŸ˜­.  So today I’m making up a natural pesticide with herbs, oils and garlic to see if I can save my special wee plant.  I was soooooo happy when I found it so fingers crossed this spray works!  A friend (another crazy essential oil lady and succulent lover) who passed away a few years ago taught me how to make this spray.  

Make a garlic spray by crushing about 15 cloves of garlic in 3 cups of water and leave to marinate for at least 48 hours then add about 2tbsp of liquid oil based natural soap like Castile soap or a mild natural dish soap, then add 10 or so drops of Lavender oil and Peppermint oil shake up strain and spray,  I’m also going to add some chopped up Lavender and Mint for a double hit to get those suckers!  My doTerra mentor Jill @ The Prairie homestead uses a similar recipe too on her homestead.  She said the reason for the Castile soap is that it helps the mixture stick to the leaves and send those critters packing! πŸ˜‚

Pests hate Lavender

Have you ever noticed that bugs πŸ› never bother with Lavender!  So I might have to plant a Lavender close to my Clary Sage as well to stop bugs eating it.  Isn’t it amazing how plants help each other,  some gardeners swear Lavender has a good influence on their vegetable plants,  keeping them healthier and that they have more flavour!

Mint is also used to deter insects so I’m adding this as well which I hope will stop the white flys laying ⚑️ hmmm work in progress...

Will add to post when I get some results πŸ‘Œ

Update - yes this did work the plant came back to life!  It died back over winter and I totally forgot about it and low and behold it popped up again the next spring.  Wow what I cool plant!