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These are all the tools I use in my business. Most of them on a daily basis. They make my life so much easier and I hope they will make your life easier too.

Some of these tools I am an affiliate of the company, so I may receive a small commission for any purchases, but this will not cost you any more.

I hope you find these useful!

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Take your books with you!

Kindle has been a game changer for me. I found when I was out working at different places I had forgotten the books I needed for what I was working on. It's great now to have all the books I'm using on my app in my phone as well as my fiction ones to read in bed at night and not disturb my partner! Nothing beats a real book for me but I also now cannot be without this and you don't even need a Kindle just use the Kindle app! Also they are automatically downloaded, cheaper than hard copies, and you can usually trial a few pages before you buy. Gold!! 


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