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Canva My Friend!

I really really love creating in Canva as you can probably tell. I'm always swapping and changing images around as I find new stuff in Canva. I love all the Vintage images etc at the moment! You do not have to be a graphic designer to use it, and the more you do use it the better you get at creating images. Aaargh some of my first ones were terrible. Upgrading to a pro account unlocks even more features, you can create documents for printing, ebooks, you can even upload pdf's and edit them. I find it much easier to use than word or any other app I've tried. So for eye catching social media posts, pinterest pins, images for newletters, product images for your shop Canva is your best friend.

Scroll down to see my free downloads and please get in touch if you are wanting custom made Canva templates for your business or check out the PLR packages and have a go yourself!

Free E-book Template Download

Canva is an excellent online platform for designing and creating stunning visuals. It offers a wide range of user-friendly tools and features, including drag-and-drop editing, customizable templates, and an extensive library of images, illustrations, and fonts. The platform is inspiring and encourages creativity, allowing users to create stunning designs with just a few clicks. It also offers loads of options, including the ability to export to different file formats, use unique design elements, and collaborate with others.

Content Planner Canva Template

Plan your content in advance with this Canva Content Planner Template. Choose your content pillars, and your target audience, brainstorm blog post ideas, then get creating! 

Planning keeps you accountable and kind of in the content creation mode. Have this online as well as printing out the brain dump pages to scribble ideas down as you are working.

Fully customizable and can be used in a Free Canva Account! Comes with full download instructions ✅

Free Canva Quote Templates 

These templates can be used immediately for inspiration, or make them your own, add your font's, colours and logos and resize for your platforms. These are great to have up your sleeve when you know you need to post something, but don't have any inspiration. Add some thoughts of your own or ask a question around your quote when you post it..

You will need a Canva account to access these free templates, if you do not have a Canva account please click link below to sign up for a free one. A free account is fine to start with, then further down the track, if you want to upgrade to a Canva Pro account it's super easy, this gives you access to a huge library of images and graphics to use, without worrying about image licenses etc as it's all covered in your subscription.

Done For You Social Media Tiles

Do you need a range of templates made up that you can re-use for a steady stream of content?

Please get in touch directly for a quote for templates made specifically for your business. 

I like to get to know you and your business first so I can come up with some templates which are perfect for your business that you can re-use to make creating content way easier!

OR 👇purchase some pre-made ones ...

Another great tool I use is Purpose PLR Digital Products. They have a great range of Digital Products you can purchase and make your own. 

These products also have resale rights, so if you also wanted to make some passive income - depending on your business you can use them yourself and also go ahead and edit them in Canva and resell. 

Here are my favorite Purpose PLR Digital Products:

Spiritual Instagram Post Templates

Planners and Journals

Instagram Reel Covers

Listing Photo Templates

You Tube Branding Kit

Use my code KELLY to get 10% off your first purchase 

These easy-to-edit templates are great when you have a lot of images to make, for example, a range of products for a website or Etsy listings. 

The Spiritual Instagram post templates are a great one to have on hand as content to schedule and forget in between maybe your videos or product updates which you post yourself regularly.


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