Need help getting your business online?

I am an explorer/nerd, exploring you and your business!

I love getting to know YOU and YOUR business, getting inside your head to find out why you do what you do, researching, analyzing and then dreaming up and creating cool content for your platforms to get YOU and YOUR business out there for everyone to see and benefit from what you do!

No time to sort out your Social Media?

Do you need help to get yourself and your business out there?

Where do I start? Which platforms? Website?

Are you nervous about Social Media and getting yourself online?  Don't have the time to spend creating posts - or totally forget to post?  

If you have a business you need to be online fullstop!  Your clients/customers will probably search for your website and then check out your social media before they contact you, so this needs to be up to scratch.  

Once you are online and are showing up regularly then people remember you and then also start referring you to their friends so it's win win!  The next time someone needs your service or product because you have been posting regularly - sharing updates of what you are doing YOU will spring to mind!  

What do you reckon?  Don't know if you can afford it?  Could you just do it yourself?  Sure but first have a think about it - what do you charge yourself out at for your product or service?  You may as well concentrate on what you do best in your business 😊

How is it going to work?

So first off lets check out your Website and your business Facebook page.  

If you don't have either of these  - together we can get them off the ground. 

What other platforms could we set you up on - Instagram? Linked In?  Have you got your Google My Business working for you to?

First we make sure your website is performing properly - it can be found, it looks good and tells your clients and potential clients exactly what they need to know. How is your Google My Business Listing looking - can people find you in a Google search?   Next we can give your Facebook page a freshen up, then we can start making content for you and scheduling it on a regular basis.  What other platforms would suit your business?  You can provide us with images for your posts or I work with my brother at Philip Windley Imagery and Photography to have an on going supply of quality images for your business. 

Or you can provide me with content which we schedule then interact with comments and queries.  

Together we can work out what is going to suit you and your business best and come up with the easiest solutions, which are going to suit you and your business.  Sorted!

What I've Been Working On πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

I've had the pleasure of working with the lovely Rachel at Counted over the past few months.  Rachel wanted a simple website explaining her services, a bit about her and how to get in contact.  Counted had a website but it wasn't one Rachel had easy access too, which was a bit annoying.  She also had an email address linked to her website but could only use it on Webmail.  So I got her all set up with an email through Rocketspark, we even managed to get her email history over to Rocketspark which was amazeballs.  This was slightly tricky but we got there in the end, and now she has access to her emails wherever she is! 

Rachel was getting clients herself but was getting comments from them, that they werent sure if she was still taking on clients, and was she an actual accountant, could she file their tax returns etc etc. Having a website now that she has easy access to - when she gets comments from clients - she can address them, EASILY and add more information to her website,  or clients can contact her directly with their questions.  Rachel also got a beautiful sign for the road next to her office so now when potential clients see her sign they can google "Counted" and find her website, check her out and then get in contact.  

Next we are working together on getting her newsletter up and running and keeping her social media ticking along πŸ’₯

β€œThe significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Albert Einstein