My Essential Oils Story

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with smells, perfumes, perfume bottles, flowers and all the things. I tried so so hard to make rose perfume when I was a child not realising that the camelia's my Mum had in her garden were not even roses, I would soak the petals in icecream containers hoping to make my own perfumes but would come back when I remembered, to a container of rotten petals 😂 I loved all the smells of the fancy ladies at church and the perfumes and powders all my nana's would wear. 

I wonder if it was my "dharma" to be attracted to "smellys" with my name being Kelly! 🤭I had no name for ages after I was born, my parents had chosen to name me Karen - but then one of my Dad's cousins had a daughter around the same time and named her Karen so they decided no - I had to have my own special name and weeks later decided on Kelly! I had the usual "Kelly Smelly, Kelly is Smelly" songs from the kids at school but now I've turned that into my business!! - Kellys Smellys!!! So funny right!! 

Then later on ... 

I had quit my office job at around age 37ish and started my own cleaning business. I was sick of being stuck in an office and all the office politics, up until then I had always bought essential oils off and on to keep my house smelling nice and would occasionally buy a sandalwood blend from the gypsy fairs as a perfume.

For some reason, I decided to buy some lemon oil to go into my eco friendly scentless cleaners I was using to clean people's houses. After a while I realised as I was cleaning with the oils my mood was changing - I think it was a combination of the physical exercise and the oils, also my customers were thrilled with their freshly smelling and clean as a whistle houses. From feeling a bit weird about nearly being 40 and fully quitting the career I had always done I started to get a whole new outlook on life.

I started experimenting with all sorts of different essential oils for cleaning and noticed how they made me feel, I then stumbled upon doTerra and purchased my first Balance oil - which is the grounding blend and I was away - I never ever realised the subtle effects these gifts from nature can have on you. From the way the smell makes you smile to how they work on our WHOLE bodies.

I signed up as a doTerra Wellness advocate, did my certification and have spent the last nearly 10 years reading everything I can get my hands on about essential oils, my family get oil gifts for every occasion and while sometimes resisting they do see the benefits now, and if they won't use them themselves, I find even if I just have my diffuser going in the room with the oils that may help them out in their situation they work wonders! OR I wear the oils myself 🤭when I know I'm going to be near them - for example I started using the easy air roller to help with my partners snoring, I'm not sure it's helped yet but I've found I don't have a coughing fit when I'm just falling asleep like I usually do! I get to learn so much about these oils and how they work just by my customers and family needing them and learn how I can use them in my own life for myself as well. 

I am especially interested and have done a lot of research on the effect of essential oils and the mind. As every single person in the world is different, each person actually needs a specific blend or oil which will help them alone.  I love talking to people getting to know them, finding out what's blocking them to make all their dreams come true. I believe essential oils work on a magical level unlocking things in your mind which are holding you back from your full potential. If you take the time to really sit down and be open to what's holding you back and use essential oils to help you - you can be guided by your own intuition on the next steps to take. Essential oils help you 1. to be in the moment, be present - just be where your feet are and 2. open you up for more and then the rest is up to you - follow the bread crumbs and use essential oils to help you along on your journey.

Using essential oils to centre yourself into the present moment, look around see the beautiful world around you, the people around you and start thinking about what you are grateful for, this is a great place to start using essential oils - as a part of your own gratitude practice.

I now use essential oils everyday they are just a part of my routine now and I encourage anyone who comes to me or finds me to try essential oils in their lives. These little bottles straight from mother nature can do wonders for you if you let them.

Disclaimer: Important Information Regarding Essential Oils

I'm thrilled to share my passion and knowledge about essential oils with you. However, it's essential to note that the information provided on this page and website is not intended as medical advice.

I am not a qualified aromatherapist, but rather a certified doTerra Wellness Advocate who has explored the benefits of essential oils through personal experience and research. The insights I share are based on my own understanding and usage of essential oils.

If you are currently under medical treatment or taking medication, I strongly advise consulting with your healthcare professional before incorporating essential oils into your routine. Every individual is unique, and what works well for one person may not be suitable for another.

Remember that the information shared here is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Also if you use my tips, guides and ideas, you actually have to do the work as well. Keep using the oils, track your progress - changes, and implement other complimentary practices at the same time as using the oils, like healthy eating, meditation, exercise, prayer, journalling and whatever else you are drawn too. Essential oils can be a quick fix ie: a quick mood fix or some relief from tension or pain,  but if you want long lasting effects and overall improved well being it's more like a lifestyle you need to create for yourself.  

Kelly xxx


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