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Your Astrological Health

Christina Richter


Your Astrological Health - A guide for Daily Living by Christina Richter

A book for all those people who choose the path of physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Christina Richter is an Astrologer, Author, Teacher and Registered Nurse. Her passion is to identify and decipher physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges that contribute to disease. By using Astrology, her mission is to be of service, to help identify areas of potential health challenges, and to encourage, support and clarify possible solutions. 

This book is a guide towards whole health. Once you know your birth chart you can follow the suggestions in Your Astrological Health to optimize everything from your moods, diet, sleep, to minimising stress and learn a range of recommended therapies for you. 

It's so interesting learning about yourself and your family via their Astrology birth charts! 

Christina is also available for consultations if you would like further advice and help after reading the book. find out more about Christina here 🙂

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