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Triple Goddess Mini Tarot Bag - Velvet Pouch for Tarot Cards and Crystals

Lo Scarabeo


Embrace the mysteries of the universe with this Triple Goddess Mini Tarot Bag, perfect for protecting and transporting your treasured mini tarot deck, crystals, and other small mystical items. 

Crafted from luxurious velvet, this bag has an exquisite feel and a stunning visual appeal. The Triple Goddess design, a symbol of divine feminine power, imbues this mini bag with an aura of fascination and mystery. Inside, the bag is lined with a soft, silky fabric that ensures your tarot cards remain in pristine condition, while the sturdy drawstring closure keeps your items secure. 

Each bag is beautifully made. Whether you are on-the-go or storing at home, this bag serves as an artistic reminder of your connection to the divine and your commitment to soulful exploration.

Embroidered,velvet, 82x135mm

NB: This bag will not fit your standard size Tarot Deck - for mini decks only or crystals, keepsakes etc.

SKU: 10000-26 TAG: mini tarot bag,bag for crystals,velvet tarot pouch

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