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The Wisdom Of New Zealand Trees Nature's Way Oracle Cards

The Phoenix Group


Embark on an enlightening journey through the forest with 'The Wisdom of New Zealand Trees: Nature's Way Oracle Cards'. This unique deck of oracle cards reveals the hidden wisdom and transformative messages encapsulated in trees. Immerse in the spiritual practice of divination with these 31 oracle cards, each with a message from one of New Zealand's trees. 

Connect with nature, self, and divinity, and delve deeper into your spiritual path. Each card is a  symbolic treat, offering guidance and insights into your daily life and spiritual journey. The sacred wisdom of trees, their deep-rooted strength, resilience, and connection to Earth have been delicately captured in each card. 

As you engage in your oracle card practice, learn from the trees to stay grounded, grow, connect, and radiate positive energy. Each card resonates with the energy of life, inviting you to absorb its knowledge, embrace its power, and apply its teachings. 

Keep the cards in a special place. When you are ready to use them, infuse them with your energy; be clear about what you are asking; then pull as many cards as you feel appropriate. Sit with them for a while allowing your intuition to guide you to the answer and understanding you seek.

Uncover the silent wisdom of the New Zealand trees and let it guide you on your path towards self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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