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Essential Oils Oracle Cards

Earth Dancer


Essential Oils Oracle Cards: Unlocking the Healing Power of Plants

Wisdom and Guidance from 40 Healing Plants

Dennis Moeck, Illustrated by Ulrike Annyma Kern

Reveal your inner wisdom and power with this beautiful Essential Oils Oracle Card deck. This is a versatile deck innovatively combining plant soul affirmations with essential oil aromatherapy. Each card in this stunningly illustrated deck features an essential oil and its associated plant soul, together with a targeted affirmation designed to show you the profound spiritual healing power of nature.  These oracle cards are designed for daily use, or when you get a new essential oil to learn about that oil and connect with it - empowering you to create your personal healing and success rituals. Whether you are new to oracle readings or a seasoned practitioner, these cards are an essential tool for personal growth, providing intuitive guidance and a way to learn about essential oils differently.

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