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Your Astrological Birth Chart

It’s like if you were able to take a photo at the time of your birth of the planets and of the universe stopped in time. Once developed this ‘photo’ is what the universe has to say about who you are and what you may become.A Birth Chart is made from your month, day, year, time of birth (am/pm), city and state of birth. With this information your Birth Chart can determine your personality, the person you are and who you will become! The Sun, Moon and Rising form your personality, it's like ...

January 5, 2023

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated Coconut oil means it's coconut oil which has been treated, so it doesn't set at cooler temperatures, this makes it a great therapeutic oil for the skin. It is also a wonderful carrier oil, which you can add your essential oils too, the coconut oil kind of holds the essential oils making the scent last longer, and also safer than applying essential oils directly to the skin if you are not used to them.  Fractionated Coconut oil is scentless so will hold any essential oils you ad...

December 10, 2022

The Power of your Google Business Profile

It is so important and really helps your SEO - search engine optimization to have a google listing set up for your business. An active listing helps google recognize that you are a legitimate business, and therefore pushes your profile up the rankings when someone say types in "bookstore napier". It is also another way of sending potential clients to your website, where you can show them your other offerings. So say someone is looking for a "bookstore in napier" your business comes up - you...

September 28, 2022

The Benefits of Working from home.

I have found so many benefits from working from home! I can't actually believe this is my life now. I love it SO much! I must admit it has taken a bit to get used to, I've had to make rules for myself but at the same time use working from home to my advantage. I can still do a bit of housework or whatever else I need to during the work day but I have to plan for it. At first I was finding I was getting carried away going to hang out the washing then ending up in the garden. I've found get o...

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