The Benefits of Working from home.

Benefits I have found from working from Home 🏘️

I have found so many benefits from working from home! I can't actually believe this is my life now. I love it SO much!

I must admit it has taken a bit to get used to, I've had to make rules for myself but at the same time use working from home to my advantage. I can still do a bit of housework or whatever else I need to during the work day but I have to plan for it. At first I was finding I was getting carried away going to hang out the washing then ending up in the garden. I've found get on with work first, then once I start loosing concentration, then that's the time to get up and get washing out, and then potter in my garden a bit, or get meals organised until I get my work mojo back. Some days I can go for hours, other days only like 40 minutes, if you just go with it the day goes very smoothly.

Zoom, omg Zoom is a life saver. It's just so easy to quickly catch up with someone, give them instructions by sharing your screen, have a meeting, even meet someone for the first time it's so handy especially with living away from a main town. I still have to learn I don't actually need to clean my teeth or apply my oil perfumes while on zoom 😂

I am so grateful for the fact that there's no more rushing in the mornings, now that I don't have to be anywhere, dressed for work or with all my gear for work. I'm saving on makeup, petrol, coffees and bought lunches. I get to take that time in the mornings to make sure my daughter is ready for her day, pets happy, partner - lunch packed,  instead of rushing myself and everyone out the door, rushing past pets telling them to get out of the way. I'm also around all day, if she's forgotten something I can drop it off to her at school, or if she has half a day boom I can go and pick her up. I can take a break and go and sit with my pets, watch their antics and pray for eggs 😂

I can prepare proper meals, and baking, which is also saving us money - I'm not buying quick and easy packaged food also so much better for our health.

I can listen to whatever I feel like when I'm working! Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes a terrible reality tv show on Netflix in the background, complete silence, or a podcast. 

Here are some of my favourite podcasts:
Ace the Gram - https://bit.ly/3pXfqrO
Mindvalley Podcast - https://bit.ly/3J779c1
The Cathy Heller Show - https://bit.ly/3tQ4oWl
The Lifesylist Podcast - https://bit.ly/3tTJe9D

I can diffuse essential oils all day long! 

Power naps! Quite often after lunch I love to take a quick power nap. These quick naps are so powerful and refresh you for the afternoon. They are my secret hack, because I use this time to do my brain training using my Brain Tap app. Omg I discovered Brain Tap while listening to the Lifestylist Podcast, they interviewed Dr Porter, who invented Brain Tap and once I listened to the podcast I straight away downloaded the app and gave it a try, and I have been using it ever since. 

"Braintapping is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, braintapping’s guided meditation is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges." (Excerpt from Brain Tap)

I love Brain Tap so much and highly recommend it. I have found a whole range of benefits since I started using it, from being calmer like ALL the time, unexpected weightloss, sharper brain for longer and longer, clearer thinking as well as deeper sleep. It's absolutely amazing. To get 15 days free for yourself you can use my code: https://bit.ly/3i3xUCv 


Funny how things happen ...

I have always dreamed of working from home ever since I was a tiny child, well then I wanted to be a Mum like my Mum with loads of kids being a stay at home Mum. But once I went out into the big wide world myself I found I loved working, and working from home was not a thing then. I also decided on one child instead of loads. It was when I had my daughter I started thinking again gosh it would be great to work from home, so I re-trained as an early child educator so I could work with other children from home while being at home with my daughter - win win. 

But after awhile the business world was calling me back and my daughter was at kindy so back I went to the "office world" after a few years of that I found myself hating being stuck in an office so I chucked my job in and started cleaning houses, I ended up working mostly for people who worked from home and again loved the idea and wanted to do it myself.  Around the same time social media was becoming essential for businesses so I somehow started doing social media for one of my cleaning clients found I really loved it and it came naturally to me, so I've slowly built up social media clients and have branched off into Websites and Google My Business Management and am now fully working from home. 

So funny how things happen right 😉

And do you know what, if I get inspiration at 9pm at night then I also just go for it, it's actually surprising how listening to your body/brain makes everything run so smoother, instead of being tied to 9-5 or whatever at the office. Yes sometimes I'm working 24/7 and you kind of have to be available most of the time, but I always know now its only for a season, you just have to go with it and it will slow down again, that's when you take the time to yourself to recharge a bit ready for the next onslaught!  

What do you love most about working from home? 
Until next time, K xx


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