The Benefits of Working from home.

Benefits I have found from working from Home ๐Ÿ˜๏ธ

I have found so many benefits from working from home! I can't actually believe this is my life now. I love it SO much!

I must admit it has taken a bit to get used to, I've had to make rules for myself but at the same time use working from home to my advantage. I've found it helps to write out a plan of what I need to do for the week on a Sunday night, then before I start work each day go back over my weekly plan and write a daily plan. This sounds super nerdy but it puts everything I need to do down so all my tasks are not floating around in my head stressing me out, I can tick them off one by one or at the end of the day.

I can still do a bit of housework or whatever else I need to during the work day but I have to plan for it. At first, I was finding I was getting carried away going to hang out the washing and then ending up in the garden. I've found get on with work first, then once I start losing concentration, then that's the time to get up and get washing out, and then potter in my garden a bit, or get meals organised until I get my work mojo back. Some days I can go for hours, other days only like 45 minutes, if you just go with it the day goes very smoothly.

On days when it's not flowing naturally I do set a 45 minute timer, start that task and work on it for 45 minutes then stop after 45 minutes and get up and maybe unload the dishwasher have a drink and a stretch then start again, if it was flowing after my first 45 minutes then go back to that task if not start another. That is also the beauty of being a Virtual Assistant, I have such a variety of tasks and clients that if it's not flowing for one I can choose another one to see if I can get going on that. 

You can get all sorts of cool handy productivity timers online or you can use your phone, but I try to have my phone out of sight and mind when I'm focusing.

Above is an affiliate link to a cool Pomodoro timer on Amazon if you are interested. As an amazon affiliate I receive a small commission if you buy from this link, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It's named after the Italian word for "tomato" because Cirillo initially used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer. Here's a breakdown:

1. Set a Timer:

Start by setting a timer for a fixed period, traditionally 25 minutes, known as one "Pomodoro."

2. Work with Focus:

During that time, work on a specific task with complete focus and dedication. Avoid any distractions or interruptions.

3. Take a Break:

Once the Pomodoro time is up, take a short break, typically 5 minutes. Use this time to stretch, walk around, or do something enjoyable.

4. Repeat the Cycle:

After the break, start another Pomodoro. After completing four Pomodoros, take a more extended break, around 15-30 minutes.

5. Adapt as Needed:

The beauty of the Pomodoro Technique lies in its adaptability. You can adjust the duration of the Pomodoros based on your work style and the nature of your tasks.

6. Record Progress:

Keep a record of completed Pomodoros and breaks. This not only helps in tracking your work but also provides insights into your productivity patterns.

The Pomodoro Technique aims to enhance productivity by breaking work into manageable, focused intervals. It leverages the natural flow of the human mind, preventing burnout and maintaining a sense of urgency. Give it a try, and see if it adds a touch of magic to your work routine! ๐Ÿ…โœจ

Zoom Meetings

Zoom, omg Zoom is a life saver. It's just so easy to quickly catch up with someone, give them instructions by sharing your screen, have a meeting, even meet someone for the first time it's so handy especially with living away from a main town. I still have to learn I don't actually need to clean my teeth or apply my oil perfumes while on zoom ๐Ÿ˜‚

You don't need to travel for meetings anymore if you don't have to!  Zoom lets you connect with colleagues and business partners around the world with ease. I have clients I would never otherwise meet face to face as they live in different countries, so it's lovely to be able to actually see them in real-time.

Another great thing about Zoom is, it actually feels like you are making real connections in our digital world. When you can see someone's face and reactions, it makes your meeting more personal and therefore more meaningful, I have made real friendships all over the world by joining masterminds, and have got to learn from so many people I would never get to meet in real life.


โ˜๏ธlink to some cool as wireless headphones for your podcast listening ๐Ÿค˜As an amazon affiliate I will receive a small commission if you buy from this link, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Easy Mornings ...

I am so grateful for the fact that there's no more rushing in the mornings, now that I don't have to be anywhere, dressed for work or with all my gear for work. I'm saving on makeup, petrol, coffee and bought lunches. I get to take that time in the mornings to make sure my daughter is ready for her day, pets happy, and partner - lunch packed,  instead of rushing myself and everyone out the door, rushing past pets telling them to get out of the way. I'm also around all day, if she's forgotten something I can drop it off to her at school, or if she has half a day boom I can go and pick her up. I can take a break and go and sit with my pets, watch their antics, and pray for eggs ๐Ÿ˜‚

I can prepare proper meals, and bake, which is also saving us money - I'm not buying quick and easy packaged food also so much better for our health.

I can listen to whatever I feel like when I'm working! Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes a terrible reality tv show on Netflix in the background, complete silence, or a podcast. 

Here are some of my favorite podcasts:

Marketing Strategy Academy  - with Jen Vazquez this is my favourite marketing podcast, as Jen mostly focuses on Pinterest which is my favourite platform for marketing. She shares such easy-to-implement ideas and is super inspiring herself. "I help hyper-busy female service providers to use Pinterest to book more clients and increase their income and impact." - Jen Vazquez

Mel Robbins Podcast - This one is hilarious, Mel is so funny! Also she talks about a huge range of subjects which is highly interesting! "Every episode of The Mel Robbins Podcast is filled with the motivation and tactics you need plus deeply personal stories, relatable topics and tactical, research-backed advice to help you create a better life." - Mel Robbins

Reinvent Yourself - this one with Dr. Tara Swart is really insightful she is so real and all her experiences she backs up with actual scientific research. I love the way she speaks and so deeply cares about personal transformation you can tell she lives and breathes what she talks about.
"Reinvent Yourself with Dr. Tara follows Dr. Tara Swart Bieber, an expert on neuroplasticity, as she spreads her message of self-care and transformation. Her idea is simple: no matter how old, how stubborn, or how set in their ways, everyone has the capacity to change. Based on real science, Dr. Tara will show the world what it means to look into the mirror and reinvent themselves."

Essential Oil Solutions - of course my doTerra podcast, I love hearing about all the new essential oils and research doTerra is continually bringing out, plus stories from users and loads of ways and ideas on how to use your oils in everyday life.

Ninja Jill Knows - this one is from Jill an expert in Feng Shui. Jill shares tips on Feng Shui and also life in general. I love implementing Jill's tips to improve the state of my home and my life. Jill talks super fast but what she shares is gold! "The state of your home reflects the state of your life. Did you know that the energy in your home is impacting your abundance, your relationships, and your health? When you SHIFT the energy in your home, you change the energy in your life, create more of what you truly want each day and you increase your personal energy as well - Jill Ethier"

Awakening to More - This one is with Alicia, a busy mum of 4, employment lawyer and ALL the things who had a crazy spiritual awakening type thing while hanging out the washing one day. She now channels ascended masters, spiritual guides etc and shares light codes and amazing messages from beyond. A must listen! I so look forward to these episodes! "From spiritual awakenings and journeys, relationships, business, parenting and more... join us as we share from our heart to yours, along with amazing guests, to help you find your own way home and to create a life you relish and love!"

Womens Dream Enlightenment - Megan Mary has a super interesting podcast about decoding your dreams and all things spriritual/self development. I'm looking at doing her dream decoding sessions this year to see how I can incorporate essential oils into the practice she teaches (all in the name of research!) I've been to one of Megan's summits and really loved it, so I'm looking forward to learning more about the power of our dreams! 
"Deep discussions, dream interpretation and spiritual stories of awakening. From the practical to the woo, from holistic wellness to mystical paranormal, women gather on this podcast to share their personal enlightenment stories of transition, tragedy, awakening and inspiration."

The Biddy Tarot Podcast - I have just started learning how to read Tarot cards for myself (following on from my Oracle Card obsession) so have been devouring books and all I can to create my own Tarot practice. I found this podcast after reading Brigit's book, I love the way she teaches to use your own intuition to learn tarot, yes read books research but ultimately trust yourself. "You'll discover how to trust your intuition, access your inner power and bring a little magic into your everyday life, with Tarot as your guide. "Join your host, world-renowned Tarot leader and mentor, and best-selling author, Brigit Esselmont, as she shares her practical wisdom and advice on how to become a better Tarot reader, and how to use the Tarot cards for self-empowerment, personal growth and manifestation. Plus, listen to inspiring conversations with modern mystics and spiritual leaders from around the world."

Let me know your favourite podcasts ๐Ÿ’ก

Also while working from home I can diffuse essential oils all day long!

I get to try out new essential oil blends for my continuing research as a crazy essential oil lady, they help me through my day from waking up, to the mid avo slump, right through to my wind down after work! 

The Japanese actually use aroma as a management tool! They have aroma systems in place in both commercial and municipal offices. These "intelligent" buildings use aroma to improve efficiency and relieve stress. Commercial diffuser systems are capable of pumping different aromas into the atmosphere at different times of the day, to relax or stimulate as required.

The fragrance company Takasago have shown that keyboard punching errors fell by 20% when lavender was diffused in the atmosphere, by 33% with jasmine and 54% with lemon. By changing the aromas around periodically, smell sensitivity (tolerance) - and efficiency can be maintained.

Super interesting right! Why not try yourself "on shifts of" Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon - or a blend of one or two or all three? 

Also try my most favourite oils for FOCUS ๐Ÿ‘‡I must say focus is my main hurdle while working from home and using these oils plus the Pomodoro method had really helped!


I help busy business people get on top of their online presence! And I'm an Essential Oil Lady!

When you have a business - you need to be online. And everything you have online needs to work together like a web sending you ideal customers to your website and to YOU! 

Essential Oils? Well these little beauties actually changed my life - they are literally gifts from nature that can change the way you THINK, the way you FEEL and the way you LIVE! 

๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฐ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿง ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’ง

Power Napping!

Power naps! Quite often after lunch I love to take a quick power nap. These quick naps are so powerful and refresh you for the afternoon. They are my secret hack, because I use this time to do my brain training using my Brain Tap app. Omg I discovered Brain Tap while listening to the Lifestylist Podcast, they interviewed Dr Porter, who invented Brain Tap and once I listened to the podcast I straight away downloaded the app and gave it a try, and I have been using it ever since. 

"Braintapping is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brainโ€™s peak potentialโ€”anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, braintappingโ€™s guided meditations are proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges." (Excerpt from Brain Tap)

I love Brain Tap so much and highly recommend it. I have found a whole range of benefits since I started using it, from being calmer like ALL the time, sharper brain for longer and longer, clearer thinking as well as deeper sleep. It's absolutely amazing. You can get a 14 day free trial here ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

This is an affiliate link โ˜๏ธ

Funny how things happen ...

I have always dreamed of working from home ever since I was a tiny child, well then I wanted to be a Mum like my Mum with loads of kids being a stay at home Mum. But once I went out into the big wide world myself I found I loved working, and working from home was not a thing then. I also decided on one child instead of loads. It was when I had my daughter I started thinking again gosh it would be great to work from home, so I re-trained as an early child educator so I could work with other children from home while being at home with my daughter - win win. 

But after awhile the business world was calling me back and my daughter was at kindy so back I went to the "office world" after a few years of that I found myself hating being stuck in an office so I chucked my job in and started cleaning houses, I ended up working mostly for people who worked from home and again loved the idea and wanted to do it myself.  Around the same time social media was becoming essential for businesses so I somehow started doing social media for one of my cleaning clients found I really loved it and it came naturally to me, so I've slowly built up a lovely group of clients. 

I absolutely love the variety of jobs and tasks I end up doing for clients, I specialise in helping people born before the internet to get their offerings and knowledge online so their ideal customers can find them. I see so many brilliant people being held back in their businesses because they just cannot DO all the things themselves, but I'm here to tell that you actually can - get your message clear, get everything set up online, create knowledge banks of information, and get it out there, reuse that same information, update it and recycle it. Create yourself a workflow that works for you and you'll find you can actually do it, just chip away at it everyday and you'll be pleasantly surprised!!  Wait and you would of just taught yourself a whole new set of skills! 

You can grab my online business health check below to see where you are now, and what next steps you need to take ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡


So funny how things happen right ๐Ÿ˜‰

And do you know what, if I get inspiration at 9pm at night then I also just go for it, it's actually surprising how listening to your body/brain makes everything run so smoother, instead of being tied to 9-5 or whatever at the office. Yes sometimes I'm working 24/7 and you kind of have to be available most of the time, but I always know now its only for a season, you just have to go with it and it will slow down again, that's when you take the time to yourself to recharge a bit ready for the next onslaught!  

So to sum it all up:

One of the most productive approaches to working from home is to create a realistic plan and set achievable goals.

Make sure to map out your day, designate times for specific activities, and identify times for breaks, if needed, if work is not flowing change your activities around.

Additionally, it can be helpful to create an effective workstation, with all your beautiful things for inspiration AND to ensure proper posture and ergonomics and ensure you have the necessary supplies for productivity.

Lastly, be sure to establish reasonable daily targets and deadlines for yourself and set reminders to ensure that you keep up with your tasks for the day. By following these steps, you can create an environment conducive to productivity and a schedule suitable for success.

Also don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything done everyday, you can only do your best and try again tomorrow.

๐Ÿ“Œ Pin to your Productivity and Mindset Boards ๐Ÿ“Œ

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