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Your Astrological Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart or Natal Chart or Astro Chart is a map of your life.

It’s like if you were able to take a photo at the time of your birth of the planets and of the universe stopping in time. Once developed this β€˜photo’ is what the universe has to say about who you are and what you may become.

A Birth Chart is made from your month, day, year, time of birth (am/pm), city and state of birth. With this information, your Birth Chart can determine your personality, the person you are, and who you will become! The Sun, Moon, and Rising form your personality, it's like a pyramid, Sun on top and Moon and Rising at each bottom end. There is a treasure chest of information in a Birth Chart!

The planets will not be in the same place at the time of your birth again for another 25,000 years, there are no two personalities the same in the world. You are so unique!

Create your Free Birth Chart below πŸ‘‡

You have your Birth Chart now what?

Now you have your birth chart, your can see where all the planets were at the exact time your were born and the signs related to you. First off take a note of your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your Rising (or Ascendant) sign. From these signs you can read more about yourself. 

Your Sun sign represents your physical vitality and health

Your Moon sign represents your soul memory, emotional nature and your bodily fluids

Your Rising sign or Ascendant describes your typical characteristics and disposition. 

To read more about your signs check out Christina Richter's book Your Astrological Health. Christina is my personal Astrologer and friend and I highly recommend her work! She was a nurse in her previous life and now specialises in Medical Astrology, which I find so fascinating! Her book is a guide for daily living using your Birth Chart. It's full of Recommended Therapies for your signs. You read through and take what resonates with you and implement into your life, from nutrition, exercise ideas that complement your chart, crystals, tissue salts, herbs and more. Christina's website also here for you.

You can also purchase a beautiful Guide to Your Astrology Birth Chart from the free birth chart above. This guide explores the layout of your birth chart and provides you with unique insights into the strengths and challenges or your chart. They are a beautiful thing to have to learn more about yourself as well as your family members. 

Knowing your signs - even just starting with these 3 can help you to make powerful changes in your life.  You can work out your other family member's signs to learn to understand them more. Once you find out the health problems you may be prone to - via your signs you can adjust your habits and look after yourself more before problems may arise. 

It's interesting to find out what your signature essential oil is and what Bach remedies will help you. You can even get an Astrobach reading, auric sprays, a colour reading theres like an Astrologer for everthing!  I also find the herbal - astrology connection so so fascinating! It's called Astro-Herbalism, it's a vast area of study that looks at the correlation between plants, planets, zodiac signs, and the elements (fire,air,water and earth). Herbal astrology is an ancient practice that combines the use of herbs with astrology to balance the energies in an individual's life. It is believed that the herbs chosen should be based on the individual's astrological chart, as each sign has its own unique energies that can be balanced with the right herbs. Herbal astrology focuses on the individual's physical, mental, and spiritual health, and is often used to treat various ailments.

This Herbal Astrology Oracle Deck consists of a carefully curated collection of herbs and plants, each representing specific astrological energies and correspondences. Every card embodies the essence of a particular celestial influence, allowing you to tap into the potent energies of the cosmos and the healing properties of nature.

Have you used Oracle Cards before? 

Here's a guide of how to use them, but as you get more used to the cards and you put your energy into them you will come up with your own practice.

  1. Set Your Intention: Before using the cards, take a moment to set your intention. Focus on what you seek guidance for - it could be a question, a situation, or a general area of your life where you need insight.

  2. Shuffle and Draw: Shuffle the deck while concentrating on your intention. When you feel ready, draw a card or a few cards (whichever feels right to you) from the deck. Remember, there are no rules; trust your intuition.

  3. Connect with the Herb and Astrological Energy: Each card features an exquisite illustration of a herb/plant and its associated astrological symbol. Take time to meditate on the image, connecting with the essence of the plant and the energy of the zodiac sign or celestial body.

  4. Interpretation: Explore the meaning of the card in the context of your question or situation. The guidebook provided with the deck will offer valuable insights into the herb's properties, its historical significance, and the astrological connections, providing you with a deeper understanding of the message.

  5. Reflect and Apply: Consider how the guidance provided by the card resonates with your life. Reflect on its message and contemplate how you can apply this newfound wisdom to make positive changes and align yourself with the cosmic energies.

Oracle cards are another tool for self-exploration and should be used with an open heart and mind. Allow the universe to speak to you through the language of plants and stars, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery.

The best way to use astrology is to learn to evaluate a problem on your own and to examine the choices you have to make in order to fix any problems you may be experiencing in your life currently. Then go ahead and consult your astrologer to see in which ways the possible solutions will work for you and when the best time is to make changes, take risks, be patient and wait, plan, etc. With all that information in hand, you will possess a powerful knowledge with which to solve your problems, change your life, and be the person you always wanted to be.

Nowadays many people use astrology and intuition for guidance on personal matters as well as business. When you develop your intuition you start to tap into the spirit that accompanies us through our everyday life.

Becoming aware of your inner potential to connect with your highest self, and to know that you are at one with all around you. You are a spiritual being having a human experience; This is a natural part of life, be open and let astrology and your intuition guide you!

Join the Astrotwins to learn "Astrology Fundamentals". 

If you are curious about Astrology, you're ready to graduate from the generic daily horoscope. You want to understand how the universe may be working for or against you. You believe in cosmic energy, and want to utilize its benefits. You want to create real, meaningful change in your life.

This class is perfect for you! πŸ‘‡ Find out more πŸ‘‡

Astrology Fundamentals
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